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Turntable setup- How to connect receiver with turntable

turntable setup

Connecting a turntable with the receiver is not that hard. However, if you are dealing with a turntable for the first time, then I bet you will not agree with me. Yes, the process may seem a little bit complicated and confusing, if you are connecting a turntable for the first time. However, don’t worry, today I will provide a genuine guide on connecting a receiver with the turntable.

The first thing you will require to connect a turntable and a receiver is a phono preamp. Keep reading this article to know what the phono preamp is.

What is Phono preamp?

phono preamp

The cartridge that stands at the end of the tonearm of the turntable generates a voltage when the needle touches the groove while playing music. The voltage or the signal, whatever you name it, it is consist of a little amount of voltage which needs to be amplified so that the receiver can get it correctly. The function of the phono preamp is boosting the signal before it goes to the receiver.


Phono is the short form of Phonograph. The phonograph is the old name of the modern turntables. The phono preamp is also known as phono EQ, phono stage, or turntable preamp.

The phono preamp is usually available as built-in the receiver. However, some of the new turntables come with a built-in preamp too. And sometimes, the receiver and the turntable both may not have the phono preamp. In this case, you will require an external phono preamp.

Try to go for a receiver which comes with built-in phono preamp for connecting the turntable easily. Go through the Mr Walter turntable receiver guide to know the other features that you should in a receiver for decent performance and better ease of use. 

How to connect a receiver with the phono preamp in the receiver

If the receiver comes with a phono preamp, then the process of connecting the receiver and the phono preamp will become more comfortable for you. At first, find the phono input of your receiver. Then connect the audio signal cable of the turntable in the phono preamp of the receiver.

Now find the GND input on the receiver. The GND stands for Ground which prevents the noises that comes from your turntable while playing music on your system. Connect the ground wire of the turntable in it. If your turntable doesn’t come with a ground wire, then you don’t have to do anything.  Without a receiver you will not able connect headphones for listening to vinyl

How to connect a receiver with the phono preamp in the turntable

If you have a turntable which comes with a built-in phono preamp, then follow this paragraph. Now connect the phono preamp input and the analog audio input with the audio signal cable of your turntable. Typically, the audio signal inputs are leveled as AUX, Analog In, or Line In. You can also use the Tape or CD input of the receiver instead of the AUX, Line In or the Analog In input. You are done! 

How to connect a receiver without the phono preamp

Checked both the receiver and the turntable but didn’t found the phono preamp input? If so then you will need an external preamp to connect the components. You can find it in any reputable audio component shop as well in the various online websites. At first, plug the turntable’s audio cable in the phono’s input. If the turntable has ground wire then also connect it on the grounding input of the phono preamp. After that, connect the audio output of the preamp with the analog audio input of your receiver. Now, connect the preamp with power supply and enjoy your music.

If both of the turntable and receiver come with a built-in phono preamp, then connect the turntable’s preamp with the receiver’s line input instead of the phono preamp. You can also check the opposite to ensure which one gives you the best sound.

To keep away any hassle, read turntable buying guide from the internet before you finally pick one to know which features you should look for a decent performance and comforting usability.

Hopefully, after reading the above guide, you will be able to connect the turntable with the receiver without any issues.

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