Top 5 Energy Efficient Luxury Cars

One of the key worries many people have about buying a luxury car is that it will cost a fortune to
run due to the gas-guzzling nature of the engine. However, with modern vehicle engineering this
needn’t be the case.
Nowadays with the innovation of modern engines, the option of hybrids and all the developments in
car engineering, there are many options for having a luxury new car which is still energy efficient and
doesn’t end up costing you or the earth.
Here is our quick look at five luxury cars which also happen to be energy efficient – they have been
chosen for their real-time miles per gallon fuel consumption in average driving conditions including
motorway driving:

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class 350 d

This stunning luxury car always leads the field when it comes to innovative technology and always
features the latest gadgets. For example, the latest version of this car features cameras on the
windscreen to assess the road conditions coming up.
These cameras then communicate with the suspension system on the car to tell it to adjust itself, for
example for bumps or potholes in the road ahead – impressive! Likewise, this car is fitted with fuel-
conserving technology as well, which is why it made it in our list.
In road tests, it achieved a real time fuel economy of 35.1 miles to the gallon; this was across a
variety of road and traffic conditions.

The Jaguar XF V6 – diesel version
This six-cylinder diesel model delivers powerful performance at the same time as offering the full
Jaguar luxurious experience. As well as the luxury feel and power, this Jaguar model truly offers an
unexpected fuel economy.
While buying a V6 engine doesn’t normally connect in the mind with a fuel efficient car, motoring
organisations have conducted driving tests which reveal this car delivers just over 38 miles to the
gallon across general road conditions.

The Audi A4 2.0 TDI

The Audi A4 is luxury executive saloon which offers a calm but prestigious driving experience while
at the same time offering an impressive 42 miles per gallon if you opt for the 2.0 diesel model of this
particular car.
The Audi A4 has an incredibly plush interior and is a very quiet driving experience, providing an
understated but impressive choice for luxury car, which, combined with the fuel efficiency, puts it
firmly in our top five.

The BMW 5 Series 520d

This latest in the five series is a very classy luxury saloon and if you are looking for energy efficiency
you can’t go wrong with the 520d. In driving road tests this car achieved an impressive 42.1 miles
per gallon.
It was car of the year a couple of years ago due to the low running costs, the fuel efficiency and the
luxury and advanced technology which we have come to expect from German car manufacturer

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class E220 d

Now the high luxury, high performance of a Mercedes doesn’t seem to go with the idea of energy
efficiency, however, despite the large size of this cruising car, in road tests across a variety of
conditions it achieved an impressive 44.8 miles per gallon.
It has a consistent reputation for having lots of tech and gadgets, as well as providing and elegant
drive; however, with this fuel efficiency thrown in, the Mercedes E-Class 220 d version definitely
makes our top five list.
If the Mercedes, BMW and Audi options above caught your eye, it’s worth looking at as they specialist in these cars.

Bonus extra – The Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.2D

Okay, we know we said it was the top five, however, with an impressive 45.7 miles to the gallon in
professional road tests we felt we had to include the Alfa Romeo Giulia in our list as an added extra
for you.
Providing a sleek alternative to the BMW or Audi, its diesel engine provides an incredibly strong
performance. When you combine the sleek design, performance and the energy efficiency of this
car, it really couldn’t go unmentioned in our list.
When you think luxury car it’s not just the initial price which can put people off buying one, but the
ongoing running costs as well. Fuel efficiency therefore, is now a key consideration for luxury car
buyers who want a car they can afford to run.
It also means people who might have avoided a big luxury saloon for fear of damaging the
environment can now be reassured that these types of cars have a far improved fuel and energy
consumption compared with say, a decade ago.
With luxury cars now reaching more than 40 miles to the gallon in many cases, it is entirely possible
to drive a top of the range executive saloon without breaking the bank every time you have to stop
and fill the tank. This is just our list of top five luxury models which come with fuel efficiency, there
are many more out there.

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