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Review: Uniden PRO520XL 40-Channel CB Radio


Certain undertakings such as event management, search and rescue, evacuations, and crowd control require seamless communication. This is due to the need to uphold privacy and reach out to a wider audience at a time. For this feat to be accomplished, a handy communication device is by all means necessary.

That’s where personal radio communications equipment comes in. For a start, they are simply small gadgets that have the ability to interface and communicate with like-minded devices via radio. They are assigned the frequency range of between 26.9650 MHz to 27.4050 MHz.

The Uniden PRO520XL 40-Channel CB Radio which forms the basis of the review that follows is an example of such an item. In the review that follows, you will get to know all the details that pertain this gadget. These include such aspects as its pros, cons, frequently asked questions, key features, and their accompanying benefits.


Even though this gadget is relevant for use by persons of all cadres, it is particularly handy for certain professionals. These include the following persons:

• Police on patrol
• Crime scene managers
• Event managers
• Politicians
• Rights activists
• Outdoor event organizers


Full 40 Channel Operations

It operates on all the 40 Amplitude Modulation citizen band radio channels. This means that it can interface and communicate with as many similar devices as possible. For this reason, it brings along the benefit of added convenience to the users. Moreover, it also allows multitasking i.e. the accomplishment of several duties at a time. It also has the superheterodyne circuit/phase locked loop. This feature enables the precise control of the signal strength and quality.

ANL Switch

The device has an automatic noise limiter switch. This is basically a control function that is used to filter out unwanted noise or distortions. The switch also limits impulse noise and ignitions. The end result of such a filtration is a clear sound that is devoid of any noise, overtones, or distortions of any kind. For these reasons, the quality of the sound that is produced by the speakers is top-notch.

PA/CB Switch

As has already been stated, this gadget also has public address functionality over and above the mere citizen band radio functionality. This switch enables the seamless shifting from one functionality to the other. It brings along several benefits. For one, it minimizes time wastage while doing so. It ensures that no inconsistencies are encountered in the process of so doing. It also enables the benefits of both features/functionality to be leveraged without any inconveniences of whichever kind.

Instant Channel 9

This is the emergency hotline for private radio communications. It is the portion of the bandwidth that is used to relay distress signals, calls for help, and other emergency messages. This radio provides its users with the automatic access to this channel. For this reason, it greatly expedites the process of seeking help when in trouble. This is the device to settle on in case you may be intent on utilizing it for security related tasks.

S/RF Meter

The citizen band radio also comes with a display unit to put on show certain parameters of the tasks in progress. For instance, it has a radio frequency meter that basically displays the strength of the incoming radio frequencies. It also displays other vital parameters such as battery power and volume. These enable the user to ascertain what course of actions to take at any given time. The excellent display also eliminates any ambiguities or inconsistencies that may arise.


• Extremely Light: By reason of weighing only 1.6 pounds (0.7 kg), this gadget is extremely light. For this reason, it requires less muscle power to effectively engage.
• Reduced Noise: Its built-in auto-squelch and automatic noise limiter eliminate overtones and unwanted noise. This greatly enhances the clarity of the sounds produced.
Appropriate Monitoring: All the activities of the device are effectively monitored by the signal/RF meter and the LED indicators. As a result of these, any ambiguities are eliminated.
• Extended Functionality: Other than merely sending or receiving radio communication, this device also plays other secondary roles. It has a public address functionality through which it may enable public communications.
Utmost Convenience: It is accompanied by a long cord that connects the microphone to the gadget. The long nature of the cord bestows utmost convenience to the users.



• Intricate: This gadget is generally more intricate than the competing devices. For this reason, those users who lack the necessary technical skills may not find it useful.
Clumsy: It is large in size. This may pose a threat to its seamless handling and transportation.

This citizen band radio clearly stands out of the crowd. That’s because unlike other radios of its kind, it also has a public address system. For this reason, it exudes more advantages and functionalities as compared to the other products of its kind. Interested persons generally stand to derive much more value than they actually pay for.

Why not contemplate acquiring one of these gadgets right away? As you may clearly see from the review above, you stand to derive so many benefits than you actually pay for. Please hurry. Any delays in making such a crucial decision may often end up in a spike in price or a drop in the quality of the item.



It produces 4Watts of output.

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It comes ready for use and as such, no extra accessories may be purchased.

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This depends on the speaker rating. It has the ability to accommodate speakers of between 7W and 15W rating.

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On the whole, it costs somewhere between $32.00 to $55.00

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Yes, it is. It requires 12V of electrical energy to be utilized outside the car or trucks.

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Q4. What is its price range?
A. On the whole, it costs somewhere between $32.00 to $55.00

Q5. Is it usable outside a car or truck? If yes, how much voltage is required?
A. Yes, it is. It requires 12V of electrical energy to be utilized outside the car or trucks.

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