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Review: Uniden Bearcat 980 CB Radio

The Uniden BEARCAT CB Radio with Sideband and WeatherBand is a sophisticated CB radio system with a sleek, modern design. It is ideal for both truckers and CB hobbyists. With a few modifications, it could also be used to listen in to radio chatter from your home. With advanced noise canceling technology, you’ll always be loud and clear when using your BEARCAT

The Perfect Road Companion

While CB radios are primarily designed for long distance truckers and haulage drivers, they are also popular with radio enthusiasts. So, you don’t need a big rig to make the most of the BEARCAT. You can install it in any motor vehicle and liven up a lengthy excursion. This CB radio is a great choice for the following people:

– Haulage drivers/truckers

– Anybody who drives for work

– CB hobbyists

– Preppers

The Main Features

Colour Changing Display

The BEARCAT 980 CB radio has a broad color changing display so that you can see the buttons clearly even after dark. This is a great feature for truckers, as they often need to communicate with fellow drivers at a moment’s notice. The display is fully adjustable, with the option to add or lower the level of brightness at the click of a button.

Noise Cancelling Mic

One of the best features of this CB radio is its noise canceling microphone. It’s quite rare for one of these devices to be accompanied by such a high-quality mic. Usually, people end up buying a whole new one. You won’t need to in this case because the Uniden BC906W CD Wireless Microphone produces crystal clear sound.

Full Range of Communications

The BEARCAT is capable of picking up and tuning into all forty of the FCC approved radio channels. This includes the primary trucking frequencies, the Super Bowl channel, and off roading and emergency frequencies. So, whether you’re on the highway or listening in at home, you can chat with a diverse selection of people.

NOAA Weather Alerts

NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts all kinds of information about weather related hazards, so it’s really useful to have a direct connection. The BEARCAT provides instant access to the right weather channels in order to keep you updated no matter where you are. When it comes to emergency alerts, you’ll be given a warning even if the radio is turned off.

The Major Pros

Our favorite thing about this CB radio is the noise canceling mic and the RF gain control because it ensures that reception is always perfect.

The Major Cons

The build quality can feel a little flimsy and fragile. It means that you need to be careful when installing it in your truck, particularly with the mounting brackets provided.

Overall, the BEARCAT is a high-quality CB radio. While the plastic frame could be a bit tougher, it shouldn’t be a problem once you’ve got this device safely mounted in your cab. The big plus is that you won’t have to buy an accompanying microphone, as the one included with this radio performs excellently.

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