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Review: Uniden 40-Channel CB Radio (PRO505XL)

Review: Uniden 40-Channel CB Radio (PRO505XL)


Short range radio communications is a very rewarding undertaking. It aids in minimizing noise while passing information to those around us. It enhances secrecy of the information being relayed by making it impossible for third parties to eavesdrop. Further to these, it also simplifies the relaying of information in the sense that one does not have to be in direct contact with his partner during a conversation.
This form of communication is very complicated, and as such, requires specialized equipment. The Uniden 40-Channel CB Radio (PRO505XL) is one such piece of equipment. It forms the basis of the review that follows.

For a start, this equipment is basically a citizens band radio. This means is mainly used for personal radio communications. It utilizes the frequency range of 26.9650 MHz to 27.4050 MHz. It is mainly powered by mains electricity. Its electrical power consumption is quite low as it consumes only 4 Watts.


This citizens band radio is mainly suitable for those professions or professionals who are engaged in the supervision of people. These include the following:

• Navigators
• Long-distance travelers
• Truck drivers
• Events managers
• Shift Supervisors
• Search and rescuers


The following are the main features of this citizen band radio and their attendant benefits:

Full 40-channel Operation

The seamless communications with those around the devices are made possible by the existence of the 40 channels. These channels allow two-way seamless transmission of voice to and from other devices. Being numerous, they prevent collisions, interferences, and distortions of voice or signals. This can only mean that the users are assured of high-quality sound output. This makes the device all the more relevant, useful, and desirable to purchase and own.

Backlit LCD Display

Its display unit comes in the form of a backlit liquid crystal display. This display is lit with the color Orange. It puts on show all the various tasks that are currently in progress to the user of the device such as volume. It prompts the user on which course of action to take next. It is also optimized for both day and night use. As such, it brings along the benefit of added convenience to the user.

Dynamic Squelch Control

Audio controls are made possible by this dynamic squelch control knob. This knob, when turned appropriately, has the impact of determining the quality, strength, and clarity of sound. It has the ability to suppress any weak signals and in so doing, produce sounds of high clarity. It may also be turned appropriately to raise or lower the volume of sound. What’s more? The entire device’s sound system may also boost weak signals and enhance the overall quality of sound.

Instant Channel 9

Instant Channel 9 is the emergency broadcast system for citizen band radios. It is the portion of the overall bandwidth that is dedicated for relaying distress signals, emergency problems, and calls for help. This radio is so designed as to allow seamless transfer to this portion of the bandwidth. It, therefore, allows its users to quickly seek the needed help and support without much struggle. Its ownership is, therefore, a sure way of staying safe at all times.

Signal/RF Power Indicator

Apart from the backlit LCD display unit, the radio also has the Signal/Radio Frequency Power Indicator. This indicator is exclusively intended to inform the user of the strength of the incoming transmission signals. This indicator aids the radio user in making the relevant decisions under the given circumstances. They may choose to relocate to areas with higher signal strength, alongside other pertinent courses of action. This also brings along the added benefit of enhanced convenience to the users.


• Compact: The gadget is compact in size. It measures 12.9 inches long by 6 inches wide by 2.3 inches tall. It thus requires minimal space and may fit anywhere.
• Lightweight: With a weight of only 2 pounds (0.9 kg), this radio is light enough to allow for easy transportation.
• Cheap: It also costs less, and as such, falls within the budget space of just about any prospective user.
• Ease of Use: Engaging the various control of this equipment is pretty easy. Due to this, users of all cadres will find it convenient.
• Simple to Install: It largely comes ready for use. No prior assembly is needed. This bestows added convenience to the users.


• Limited Range: Its range is a bit short. This curtails the extent to which it may be applied or penetrate.
• Lack of Sophisticated Features: It lacks several sophisticated features such as FM radio and clock. This also limits the potential benefits that users may derive from it.



Q2. In which country is it manufactured?
A. Vietnam

Q3. Does it come ready for use or is some assembly required prior to use?
A. Apart from the cable, the entire set comes ready for use.

Q4. Is this gadget usable on vehicles and trucks?
A. YES, it is. As a matter of fact, it does have certain features that make it easy to install on the trucks.

Q5.What is the average price range of this citizen band radio?
A. Its price ranges from $33.00 to $60.00


The Uniden 40-Channel CB Radio (PRO505XL) may have its share of downsides, granted. However, it is for all practical purposes a very handy short range radio communications tool. That’s because it is cheap, lightweight, and compact in size. Its ease of use and simplicity of installation make it all the more desirable. Any navigator, long-distance traveler, truck driver, or events manager clearly cannot afford to overlook it.

Sophisticated gadgets of these kinds ordinarily change very rapidly. Due to this, some aspects of the information provided for may not hold for long. Prospective buyers are hence advised to conduct thorough due diligence before making a purchase.


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