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Review: Midland 75-822 HandHeld CB Radio



The craving for radio communication may literally strike anywhere. In order to respond to this particular need effectively, a mobile citizen band radio is by all means necessary. This mobility can only be granted or exuded by a battery-powered radio that is as light a can be.

No other citizen band radio performs this role more effectively than the Midland 75-822 handheld CB radio which is the subject of the review that follows.




Identified and briefly discussed below are some of the key features of this radio:


High Power Output

Its power output is pretty high, more so when compared to those of similar devices. It generates 4 Watts of output power which is enough to produce the needed level of audibility. This further eliminates all forms of ambiguities that may naturally arise.

Wider Compatibility

In all this radio is compatible with several radio-related functionalities. These are the 40 CB channels and the 10 NOAA channels, to name but a few. As such, it grants maximum convenience to the persons who opt to utilize it. This is because it eliminates the need to acquire several devices at a time.

Reliable Access

With this radio, users may reliably gain instant access to NOAA radio, emergency channels 9 and 19, the dual watch monitors channel 9, and other additional channels. This wide range of functionalities enables the end users to gain as much value out of the use of the radio as possible.

High Sound Clarity

The quality of sound output that is generated by the radio is pretty high. This is due to the existence of two features namely the automatic noise limiter and the squelch control. They are both used for improving the reception of sound and eliminating any background noise, respectively.

Channel Scan

This is the feature that enables the radio to automatically scan all the available channels. It does so by randomly scanning channels and then stopping on an active channel for five seconds. In that time, it allows the user to respond or skip that channel.




Some of the benefits of the citizen band radio are:


  • Ease of Use: On the whole, the radio is easy to use. It comes ready for use and hence requires no pre-assembly. It is also simpler in construction and easier to comprehend.


  • Portable: By virtue of weighing only 0.4 pounds (0.18 kg), the radio is light enough to be carried around with ease. For this reason, its users are spared of unnecessary hassles and inconveniences while utilizing it.


  • Accommodates Huge Temperature Variations: It has the ability to withstand temperatures in the range of -30 ~ +50° C. This means it may be utilized year-round regardless of the prevailing external environmental temperatures.


  • Lower Power Consumption: The radio requires only six AAA batteries. This is pretty low. Moreover, the fact that it is battery-powered means it may be utilized just about anywhere!


  • Accommodates High-Frequency Band: Reception and transmission of signals by the radio occur across a huge band range (26.965 – 27.405 MHz). This means it is very reliable even in extremely remote locations.


  • Multipurpose: The radio may be used to send and receive signals as the primary purpose. However, it may also scan the surrounding environment for any strange or unusual weather patterns and relay the same to the user.




Some of the downsides of the citizen band radio are:


  • Smaller Display Size: Its display unit measures a paltry 1.375 inches wide by 0.5 inches high. Those users who lack good eyesight may have to strain to perceive the data on display.


  • A Bit Bulky: It measures around 1.375 inches wide by 0.5 inches high. Because of this, it is a bit bulky and hence requires plenty of space to install. Persons with limited space at their disposal may find themselves disparaged.


  • Moderately Pricey: The gadget is on the whole moderately pricey. Because of this, it exerts some level of financial strain on the would-be users. (Not many who would want it may afford it).



The search for a mobile yet reliable radio clearly comes to an end with the encounter with the Midland 75-822 handheld CB radio. That’s because as may e clearly seen from the foregoing review, it has all the key traits and features that enable these feats to be achieved. This is a radio that no serious traveler or camping enthusiast may afford to overlook.

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