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Review: Cobra 29 LX 40 CB Radio

Review: Cobra 29 LX 40 CB Radio

I am not an experienced CB’er. I remember having fun talking to truckers when I was younger at night in my father’s boat. So when he mentioned that his current one died on him, I had the perfect idea for a birthday present. Was up at the house the other day, and I had to ask him what he thought of the radio. This is what he had to say:

First,the guy’s a retired Fish and Game warden and he installed the radio in his personal truck. Quite a bit more features than is old radio and he enjoyed running me through a lot of them.

1. Easy install: I didn’t figure he’d have any problems since, he’s pretty mechanically inclined. Really set up just involved hooking up the power and ground wires and the radio fit nicely under the dash, was able to use his old mount to house it.

2. Sleek face: The LCD display is altogether modern looking and 100% digital. The display is easy to read, shows current channel, transmission and reception strength. He likes how it’s easy to read when the cab is dark, says he prefers the red digital display & can be dimmed. The display also has blue, green and amber color options to choose from.

3. The channel scanning feature, scans 40 different channels and similar to military- spec radios stops on the channels which have traffic. I also scans 10 different national weather service channels to alert you of upcoming severe weather. The traffic comes through clearly and without a lot of background static. What he really does is chit-chat all day with these sport fisherman to find out where the fish are running hot.

4. One of the main reasons why traffic does come through so clearly is the adjustable talk back feature. Another is the Dynmike, a property of the radio that lets you boost your microphone sensitivity to transmit a clear broadcast.

5. It has a huge mic cord, 9 feet long. It allows him to key up the receiver when he’s outside of the truck without jumping back in. 4 watts is the most allowable AM RF and this radio has it. The radio has a PA capability, which allows you to use the radio in a public access format. i.e. broadcast weather updates during a storm to the surrounding public. Be sure to pair the radio with a good antenna, my dad has a 63 Browning.


extremely clear receiving and transmitting

easy install
user friendly controls
clock with countdown alarm
great pricing


tuff to read display when at an angle
does not sit flush on mounting surface

Overall my dad is really happy with the radio & it’s a big improvement over his old one. He’s had it now for a good couple months and doesn’t report any quality issues.


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