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Review: Cobra 18WXSTII Mobile CB Radio with Dual Watch

Short range communications may often be hindered by such obstacles as difficult topography, noise pollution, and breach of privacy. In order to combat all these problems and achieve satisfactory results, it is imperative that a suitable piece of equipment be acquired.

No other piece of equipment does this well than the citizen band radio. For a start, this kind of radio is basically a short range personal radio communication device. It utilizes the frequency ranges of 26.9650 MHz to 27.4050 MHz and is mainly powered by built-in rechargeable batteries. Its electrical power consumption is quite low as it consumes only 4 Watts. The electrical consumption is mainly for the purposes of charging its batteries.

The Cobra 18WXSTII Mobile CB Radio with Dual Watch which forms the basis of the review that follows is an example of such a device. In the following review, you will get to know more about the device as regards such issues as its features, benefits, and potential downsides.


The Cobra 18WXSTII Mobile CB Radio with Dual Watch is mainly designed for use in remote locations and in crowded places. The following cadres of professionals will however find it particularly handy:

• Emergency Evacuators
• Crowd Managers
• Police Office
• First Aid Providers
• Construction Foremen


Identified and explained here under are some of the top features and their accompanying benefits:

Heavy-Duty Dynamic Microphone

Sound input is made in the form of a heavy-duty microphone. This microphone has a cable that extends to 9 feet. It also has a dynamic voice response circuitry. Due to these features, it enables very clear communication. This is due to the minimal distortions that are bound to be experienced by the users. It also has a front panel 4-pin screw-on microphone connector. This allows several microphones to be attached to the radio at a time. As a result of this, many persons may communicate using the device at a time.

Large LED Channel Display

The status of the various tasks is displayed via the large LED display unit. It displays the channel number, RE power output, and incoming strength signal, to mention but a few. The unit is very easy-to-read. As such, the users may not miss any signal at all! The large size of the display also eliminates any ambiguities that may arise out of unclear font or ineligibility of the text. Those with visual impairments may hence count on it to deliver.

Electronic Tuning

Its electronic tuning feature provides the users with the ability to quickly and accurately tune to all over the available 40 channels. These channels may link the user of this radio to well over other 30 million citizen band radios in use worldwide. The process of tuning the gadget itself is quite simplified. That’s because it requires no manual brawn and is also as easy as 1-2-3. All kinds of users may, therefore, find it easy to engage.

Front-Firing Speaker

Sound output is made possible by the front firing speaker. The speaker is so designed to provide clearer reception of all the incoming calls. This is because it filters ambient noise and other installation issues that may affect the quality of sound. It also has an electronic phase lock loop tuning which is ideal for the in-dash installations. This means it may be seamlessly utilized inside cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

SoundTracker System

The quality and clarity of sound are enhanced by this feature. It basically carries out these roles by canceling up to 90% of all the noise. This leaves behind a clear sound that is devoid of noise or any distortions. It absolves the users from the inconvenience of having to strain to hear the sounds. Further to that, it also eliminates ambiguities that may arise out of unclear communications.


– It has the ability to cut noise by up to 90%. This brings about unparalleled sound clarity.
– The radio grants its users immediate access to the emergency channel 9 or the information channel 19.
– By reason of weighing only 2.5 pounds (1.13 kg), this radio is portable enough to allow for seamless transportation.
– Its overall dimensions are 7 inches long by 1.9 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall. It may fit in just about every open space available.
– Featuring a stylish design, this radio is visually appealing to confer added aesthetics to the user.


– Apart from radio communications, this device may exude almost no other benefit. It would help if it has FM stereo or a megaphone.
– It costs slightly more than the competing devices. Would-be users are thus more likely to experience some financial strain.



This device has certain downsides that are highlighted and described above. However, all its advantages and potential benefits far outweigh those downsides. This makes it all the more a worthy purchase and possession.

Owing to the rapidly evolving nature of the devices of this kind, the long run reliability of certain aspects of the information provided may not hold. These include such aspects as the price and detailed specifications of the product. Potential buyers are thus advised to conduct thorough due diligence before embarking on a purchase.

Having said that, why not consider making a purchase of this item right away? Please hurry because any delay may often bring along certain inconveniences.


Q1.Can this radio be connected to a specific ambulance or fire department?
A. NO. It is only used to communicate with like-minded devices over a predefined range.

Q2. Which are the other peripherals that may be attached to this radio gadget?
A. It may accept an antenna, a cable, and a mount.

Q3. Is it possible to fix it onto a motorcycle?
A. NO. It may only be fixed into a truck.

Q4. Does it have public address functionality?
A. NO. It may only be used for one-on-one communications.

Q5. Is some assembly required prior to use?

A. NO, it comes ready for use.

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