How Moffett Forklifts Changed the Material Handling Industry?

Material handling has always been an essential part of the American economy since it remains to this day, a major operational phase in numerous major industries. Within the material handling industry, forklifts have always been and remain; the most widely used indoor and on-site machinery. They are extremely handy in not only transporting material in narrow confined spaces but also save costs and improve the speed of operations.

However, as with any other equipment, the forklifts had their drawbacks as well. They had to be transported separately from the material and thus caused delays in operations and the smooth functioning of businesses. That is, up until Moffett truck mounted forklifts appeared on the scene and changed the way material-handling industry operated forever. These forklifts have had a huge impact on the way businesses operate, how they distribute and store goods as well as the overall functionality of the industries they exist in.

Let us look at how the Moffett truck mounted forklifts revolutionized the way material-handling industry operates.

Brief History of Moffett

Moffett is a part of the Cargotec Oyj Corporation, which is a Finnish company that makes cargo-handling equipment. Cecil Moffett in Clontibret, Ireland founded Moffett in 1945 as a small family business that was essentially an engineering workshop. It produced agricultural machinery for the family and the local businesses but in 1986, this small Irish company completely changed the material handling industry by introducing Moffett Mounty, which was a small three-wheeled forklift that could be mounted on the back of any delivery truck or trailer. In 2015, the company celebrated its 70 years of operations.

Today Moffett forklifts are sold in over 45 countries and they are used all across the world, particularly in the United States of America and Europe.

What Is So Special About Moffett Forklifts?

Moffett forklifts introduced a new concept that revolutionized the way material was transported and business was done. This concept was the transportation of the forklift with the material that it was meant to handle, distribute, or move at the destination. For years before this innovation, operators always had to get to the destination and wait for the forklift to show up later. They required added assistance to perform their task and this not only slowed down the process but also cost precious time and resources to small and large businesses, that ultimately cost the economy and the country. Nevertheless, once the Moffett forklifts were introduced, they could simply mount and dismount the forklift on the back of the delivery truck or trailer and get to work as soon as they got to the destination. There was no need to wait for the forklift to be delivered to the site of operation, which saved time and money.

It allowed businesses to thrive by optimizing their supply chain and material handling operations. Though this is not the only improvement the Moffett forklifts made to the industry, it is by far the most notable and the reason for which they are used all over the world in all kinds of industries.

Other Functional Innovations

Due to the Moffett’s popularity, there are now a large number of dealers all over North America that provide businesses with brand new as well as used Moffett forklifts. Retailers such as Moffett Truck are renowned for their reliable and consistent Moffett forklifts that help streamline operations. The reason for the widespread popularity of this particular type of forklift is the functional innovation it has offered to the industry. These innovations are as follows:

  • Moffett forklifts offered better stability and reduced the chances of forklift tip over in the workplace. This was a huge advantage as it not only ensured the safety of the operators and the employees but also saved immense costs that would otherwise have been incurred if the forklift had been damaged along with the supplies it was meant to be moving. These forklifts achieved this by hydraulic stabilizers that are located in front of the front wheels of the forklift. These hydraulic stabilizers lower whenever load needs to be picked up by the horizontally moving mast, which lowers the center of gravity for the forklift and increases stability. The mast itself can also extend outwards, which increases stability. This was a huge step up from the conventional counterbalance forklifts that would tip over if the load was heavier than the counterbalance at the other end.
  • Moreover, the wide range of Moffett models allowed greater maneuverability through three wheel drive, extra safety by adding LED road light, reverse bleeper and overhead This allowed the forklifts to maneuver through narrow and tight spaces while maintaining the safety of the operator as well as the integrity of the load they were carrying.

Moffett forklifts are the future of the industry and soon every material handling business will want a Moffett if it already doesn’t have one.

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