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How to make a CB antenna for a car

How to make a CB antenna for a car

A CB antenna which is known as a citizens band antenna is a more reliable means of communication on the road. You can tune into different channels while you drive, it provides you with company and safety. It is said to be more reliable than cell phones and have channel 9 as an emergency channel. CB antenna is manufactured and sold in electronic shops. With the ever growing competitive market, one can still produce a hand made CB antenna for personal use. You can always learn how to make a CB antenna for a car and this can be achieved by using the available ready parts. Handmade CB antenna will work like any other commercially made CB antennas. These Cb antennas are necessary for a strong car radio signal strength. The antennas can be adjusted to your desired height and controlled from the passenger compartment of the vehicle. There are cheaper and different sizes of CB antennas in the market today. You can easily make one with the right materials, tools and time.

How to make a CB antenna for a car


Why Use a CB Antenna for your Car?


What makes the CB antenna suitable for your car includes, it requires just one antenna wire and during installation, you have to drill just one hole. The CB antenna is both Am and FM, there are commonly referred to as personal radio service. It has a channel reserved for calling which is channel 11 and channel 9 is reserved for emergencies. The CB antenna covers 1 to 2 miles for a mobile CB radio and 20 to 25 miles depending on the type of CB antenna used, terrain and other factors. Channel 9 is monitored by US agencies such as rescue for emergency, police, lost motorist and vehicle breakdowns. This channel was issued by the FCC for communication in cases of emergency. They are two methods to using a CB antenna for your car. You can either use an existing antenna or purchase an antenna that can be used as car and CB radio antenna. There are top 10 recommended radio you can see.

Materials need to make a CB antenna for a car


It is recommended that you use a non-conductive rod of 55 to 58 inch for the body of the antenna. The rod should be sturdy so that it can withstand a stiff breeze. Wood, aluminum, wood or PVC can be used as the body.

Two thin copper wire of length 110 inches and extra eight inches to be attached for transmission purposes.

Duct tape or insulation eggs to wrap the finished antenna or isolate the end of the copper wires.

An RG-8 coaxial cable with a length which can stretch from where the CB radio is located in the spot where it will be mounted.




Quality tools make the work easier. How to make a CB antenna for a car is easy if the right tools are used. The tools include; soldering iron, Electronic solder, and a soldering stand to hold the different components together. Other tools that come in handy include; pliers, assorted clamps, screwdrivers, wire cutters, plastic cable, wrench,

The Installation


How to make a CB antenna for a car may be simple, but it is necessary to understand the basic frequency CB uses to send and receive signals. CB antenna uses a wavelength of 27 Mhz to receive and send signals. With this, you should be able to carry out other construction and installations for installation of a bought CB antenna and installation of a CB antenna using your car antenna. This method is applicable to when you are using your car antenna as a CB antenna. Carefully remove the car radio antenna from the back of your car radio and cut about 6 to 8 inches of the wire which are attached to back of the radio. The coaxial cable from the back of the radio should be carefully stripped off of its covering to expose the inner copper core and the outer layer of the conductor. Strip both ends to about one half and three-quarters of an inch. Splice the coaxial antenna together with the wires coming from the back of the radio( in this case the CB radio). Put all cable back to their respective ports and tape both the spice with a plastic cable to hide the wiring under the dashboard. This method is for those who want to know How to make a CB antenna for a car. Making a CB antenna out of readily available parts is as simple as this.


The second method involves installing a totally new CB antenna in a car. Using the manufacturer’s manual, you can remove and install a new CB antenna for a car. To tighten the connections, make use of pliers and wrench. You should note that the longer the CB antenna the better your performance.




After making your own CB antenna, it all comes down to placement. With the right position, you will be able to receive the frequency used by CB to receive and send radio signals. Make sure the 204 inches of copper wire is well grounded before you connect them to the back of your CB radio and then mount them at a height which is convenient for you.


At the highest point on the chassis of your vehicle, attach a wire from the RG-8 cable to any plastic part of the vehicle chassis. It is always recommended to mount the CB antenna on any metallic surface. For a more fitted and stable antenna, buy antenna mounts from a local electronics outlet or they are available online.




For the best reception and broadcast, tune the CB radio using an SWR meter. To pick the right frequency, you may have to raise and lower your dual radio and CB antenna to get a better signal strength. This increases the reception and broadcast capability. Before hiding the spliced antenna wires behind your dashboard, make sure you turn on the car radio and check the signal strength.

As far I know, this is the best way to create a Perfect Antenna. You can check Our others Blog to better know of the Radio.


How to make a CB antenna for a car
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How to make a CB antenna for a car
make a CB antenna for a car you will be able to receive the frequency used by CB to receive and send radio signals. Make sure the 204 inches of copper.
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