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How to Clean Car Seats [Cloth and Leather Seat]

how to clean car seats

The majority of car caring is all about car seat caring. Just Imagine the Object you chose to sit down and be relax but the object is dirty, unclean, messy, abominable so How would be your feeling? Not good right? So that’s why you need to clean your car. The object is means car seat and you have to know How to clean car seats.

How to clean car seats

What is the major problem you will face when clean your car seat and what is the proper way to clean? Ready? Let’s Digging Down-

Do you know what your car seat type is? Surprise? There are two types of car seat one is cloth car seat and another leather car seat. So very first let’s go for cloth car seat-

how to clean car seats

What is the major problem of Cloth car seat?

The major problem of cloth car seat is It get stain very easily and another problem is It’s pulled the dust from air so that’s why the cloth car seat became messy very fast. If you have the habit to drinking tea or coffee setting in the car so there a biggest chance to get stain your car seat easily. Why? I’m sure it can be possible to your Tea cap went after hand. If this happened so your car cloth seat must get stain.

Did you face the problem? Now it’s time to remove stain, messy from your car cloth seat and clean your car cloth seat. [Note: Try to keep clean your car cloth seat daily]

Let’s Begin Operation. 🙂

It is very easy to clean car cloth seat. Let’s see what’s the element you need to clean your car cloth seat.

Elements- 1) A vacuum cleaner, 2) A spray, 3) A Brush, 5) Microfiber towel.

Working Process-

Before begin cleaning, Very first, Use the Vacuum cleaner to remove messy, dirt from your car cloth seat.  Make sure to get into the vacuum layer. You can use your figure to increase or decrease power of vacuum. Use your hand to separate nozzle and layer from the vacuum cleaner. Then remove the All messy and dirt from your car seat.

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Now it’s time to spray- you can buy a brad able spray from online like amazon[ Recommendation]. Spray a lite to the sport of stain. Make sure try four or five times to spray over the area that you want to clean. You should spray much more because the cloth of the seat will absorb the spray that’s why you should spray much more. Make sense? Good. J

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After spraying the selected area now it’s time to use a interior brush. Make sure you don’t go to the new area without cleaning the existing area that you recently sprayed. Ok? Great. Now Start brushing the area that you sprayed. I recommend begin as soon as brushing before Dry up our spray liquid. Keep Brushing… [Note: Please don’t use carpet cleaning brush, use an soft interior brush]

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When you see the suds begin gather messy and dirt now take the Microfiber towel. Begin messaging on the spray spot and remove the suds by the microfiber towel. You have to complete this before drying the spry and suds. So now you can see a little bit Improvement.

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You must be in rhythm. The rhythm should be like Spray-Brush-Microfiber towel. Sometime spray on the Microfiber towel it give you a better result. It can take four or five cote to remove stain from your seat.

After continuing the rhythm, here you go.. You can see the result on your eyes.

When you see the total stain is removing done now Vacuum again. What you thing? Why you need vacuum again? Ok cool.

Because now the vacuum dry up all of your dumpy spot. Now your favorite seat is totally ready to driving. Let’s BOOM who has the Car cloth seat. 🙂 

How to clean leather car seat

So, Now it’s time to Car leather seat cleaning and knowing how to clean leather car seats? Let’s go Forward-

What is the major problem of leather seats?

The major problem of a leather seat is its surface dirt, you have to keep clean your leather seat regularly and condition the seat regular basis. OMG Regular? Don’t worry that sound like too much hard work but it’s really easy to clean. Here is a good news is that the tea or coffee stain is not a big problem for leather seat.

Let’s begin operation. 🙂

What is the major elements you need to clean your car leather seat?

Elements- 1) Vacuum Cleaner or air compressor, 2) Cleaner spray, 3) soft brush, 4) Microfiber towel, 5) Leather conditioner.

Working process-

Before cleaning your car leather seat make sure to check if you have any leaky area to your seat. If you see it has so please try not to use any kinds of water to cleaning your leather seat. If you have your car manual so please check your car manual to know which product you have to use for your leather seat cleaning and which not or any instruction about cleaning.

So, the primary work is vacuum the whole leather seat each and every corner. Make sure you carefully vacuum the seats otherwise there higher chance to get scratches the leather seat. If you don’t have the vacuum cleaner so you can use air compressor to get the result. So clean the all dirt, messy and seat cracks by the vacuum cleaner or air compressor.

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Now, check your seat closely you can see a layer of grime on the leather, if you see your seats are really messy and dirty. At the first sight, Leather cleaning means clean the grime, dirt and messy from the seat layer again and again. Now you have to spray on the microfiber towel. Make sure you wear safely gloves on your hand because spray is a chemical so safety first. Right? If you want you can use any leather cleaner shop, leather cleaner [you can buy brand-able leather cleaner from online like amazon]

Now put some water in a blanket and wet a normal towel on the blanket’s water. Keep the blanket beside of you. Now spray the leather seat and wipe the seat by the Normal towel that you wet on the Blanket’s water. You can see when you wipe the normal towel became Coal-colored for the dirt and messy.  If you want you can make the spray by homemade process that’s why you need vinegar and linseed-oil then make a spray. Cool right? J

If you want to deep cleaning so you must have to use a brush but make sure the brush is soft.  The brush will take out the dirt into the surface. Continue the brushing.

Check brush-

After completing the brushing use the microfiber towel to wipe away the wet agent and cleaning agent that you washed into the leather seat. You may notice that the messy, dirt, oil Clinging with the microfiber towel.

Now It’s time to use leather conditioner for your car seat. Wait wait..!! Before use the leather conditioner you have to choose a high quality PH natural leather conditioner. The high quality leather conditioner means that the conditioner doesn’t have silicon, waxes or petroleum.  Make sense? Great. Cheap leather conditioner can be ruined you seat leather.

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Before applying the conditioner It will be wise to do that a performance test. To doing the performance test just chose a useless side of the leather seat. Now just put a drop of conditioner and message it a little to make sure that your leather doesn’t ruined and discolored.

Is performance testing done? Now it’s time to do leather condition your car seat. Use your microfiber towel or any sponge to polish the conditioner. Make sure don’t use too much conditioner. Please follow the product using direction.

To get better result keep your car in the open sky and wait until the conditioner will dry up. I recommend keep openly your car 24Hours.

Now one the condoner absorbs into the leather then use the clean dry microfiber to clean the seats. Clean this by circling and mop up the extra condition that has on the leather seat.

You no need to condition your car seat over and over again. Most of time you can do conditioning your car seat once or twice in a year but not so much.

Now it’s your turn… BOOM…!!

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