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How to clean backup camera lens- Best Guide 2019

How to clean backup camera lens

Backup Cameras are saving thousands of lives every year from accidents and possible threats. The cameras give you the only way to save lives, drive safely and park more easily. Countless monitors are serving all around the world which increases the safety and survival rate. Most of the drivers or motorists face scary driving experience if they are unable to find out what’s happening around them. Backup cameras perfectly work in such cases and give you a good view of the surroundings and play a significant role in keeping you safe. But These cameras get frizzy, dusty and dirty quickly because they face the outer environment for a longer time. 

Heavy temperatures or heavy rains can alter the camera’s lens which makes the video blurred. In winters the Fogg gets accumulated around the lens which forms faint vision, hard lines and dark images due to changing temperatures.

Even a small raindrop on the camera lens can change the whole thing and delivers you worst video quality. You need to clean up the lens time to time to make things clear. If you are thinking about how to clean your backup camera lens now, follow these quick steps:

1. Use a Soft Cloth:
This is one of the most effective and most natural ways to make your camera lens crystal clear again. Most of the backup camera manufactures highly recommends this trick to clean the lens in less time.

Tools you need:
-Soft cloth
-Abrasive Cleaner

-Take a soft cloth and dip it in warm water. Clean the lens once with the soft cloth and apply abrasive cleaner to it. Spray the cleaner or use the soft cloth to apply it on the lens. Clean the lens around with the soft cloth and rinse it with a little amount of water. Do not wipe in in unusual patterns cause it forms dirty marks on the lens so wipe it in one swipe to avoid the formation of patterns. Use a drop of windshield cleaning fluid on the lens regularly to keep it clean.

2. If you tend to live in lower temperature areas, you need to apply hydrophobic fluid on the lens to keep them safe from the penetration of water droplets and snowflakes. It keeps the snow slashing around the lens and also removes the snow traces along the camera lens. While you are cleaning this lens apply a fluid that has a temperature higher than 40 degrees Fahrenheit to keep them well maintained.

3. You can also follow the instructions of manufacturers given in the camera’s manual to know the right way to clean the lens. Do not use any harsh chemicals that damage the camera lens due to hard reactions.

4. If the camera lens is too dirty and you are unable to remove the stains, you can use a potato peel off or old newspaper to bring back the clear vision back. Potato peel and newspaper have excellent cleaning properties which profoundly removes the stains.

5. If you are living in high-temperature regions, the lens gets damaged quickly due to massive heat. In this case, you can wash the lens with cold water to treat the dirt and frizzy stains. In most of the cases, a soft cloth and water clean away the stains without any stress, but if the stains are getting older, you may not be able to remove them easily. You can also use some protective coats on the lens to prevent the accumulation of dirt.

6. Always take good care of your camera lens. If the camera lens gets accumulated with oily or greasy stains, you need to use cleaners to cleanse the lens deeply. Do not keep the lens dirty for a long time because it can damage the ability of the camera.

Last Words:
So, here are some of the steps that can help you the next time you are cleaning the lens. You need to follow the simple steps to keep the lens healthy. A well-maintained camera lens improves the video quality and delivers you clear vision. Stay clean and drive safe!

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