BMW 520d – Hugely Popular and Amazingly Frugal Saloon in the UK

The 520d combines cutting-edge technologies, refinement, comfort and the N47 engines with impressive performance

As it is a reality that BMW loves to build cars with powerful engines and sheer performance, but sometimes while achieving the higher numbers on the performance side, the comfort goes other way and in the case of BMW 5 series, these changes never impact on the comfort and luxury. The 520d is one of the most complete executive saloons in the UK with unsurpassed cabin refinement and luxurious interior. BMW 520d is enjoying the leading position in the 5 series and it is one of the most admired diesel saloons among the company car buyers and fleet buyers.

With the BMW 520d engines, it gives muscular competition to the rivals including Jaguar XF, Mercedes E-class and Audi A4 in few markets. The seventh generation of the 5 series is wider, longer and bolder version than ever before. It has a seamless power delivery coming from BMW n47 engines which are the well-admired power units in the UK market. It is probably the best saloon in the market that gives you a seamless control with the luxury cabin, powerful engine, most modern technology and expensive glance at the same time.

BMW 520d Engines

If we talk about the engine lineup in the 5 series, this one of the most luxurious model uses different engines in the series, to compete for the UK market. BMW engines offer great performance and the 520d makes 62 miles per hour in only 8 seconds and it still returns an acclaimed fuel economy of over 55 miles per gallon on average and even better on the motorway. For those who are after even powerful engines in the 5 series, the 535d is the next best thing in the lineup. It offers an excellent fuel economy of 45 miles per gallon and takes 6 seconds to reach the 62 miles per hour. For the petrol lovers, BMW 520d’s petrol counterpart is available and it offers a benchmark speed time of just under 7 seconds but being a petrol engine, it has bad carbon emissions and lowers fuel economy. It clearly shows that BMW petrol counterparts have higher running costs than the diesel fellas.

BMW 520d Efficient Dynamics

BMW 520d offers an even frugal 520d efficient dynamics system and with this system, the 520d becomes an even admired version of the BMW. This system offers the best combination of power, fuel economy and refinement. It offers ultra-good performance, better control and the best combination of technology. BMW 2.0-litre diesel engines are the best engines and they produce 187bhp of power and a hefty torque of 400Nm and an electronically controlled top speed of 146 miles per hour. Again the 520d is one of the cleanest models in the class and have carbon emissions of slightly over 1115g/km. BMW 520d reconditioned engines are even more frugal and ultra-efficient as the new version.

BMW 5 Series Equipment Highlights

The entire 5 series is exclusively refined and well equipped and all models come with leather seats, Bluetooth connectivity, and parking sensors to assist the driver during the parking. The 520d sets new standards in the executive saloon segment and when it comes to the driving pleasure and performance on the road, it is still very hard to beat in the UK market. It comes with the excellent level of refinement, equipment as standard and excellent fuel economy which makes the vehicle an ideal car to live with. In fact, the 520d and its fellow models offer an excellent blend of performance and fuel economy with an excellent pace for the company car drivers. It offers an excellent in gear pulling which is necessary for the easy overtaking on the motorway. But the best part of the 520d riding is still its fuel economy which makes it a better choice for company car drivers.

The 525d uses a 3.0-litre engine which is capable generating 204bhp and it is wonderfully smooth and enjoyable to drive with a 0 to 62 miles per hour time of only 7 seconds but the sheer performers are still the diesel engines. Some of the diesel engines are powered by frugal turbocharging technology where some models have a single turbocharger and other come with dual for sheering performance.

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