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Top 3 Best Tire Inflators For Car 2019- [Portable and Powerful]

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Though most people neglect tire inflators, they can be lifesavers. They are handy devices to own as they can help you whenever your tire gets flat. It is advisable you own a digital and portable tire inflator – you never know when you’ll need it. 

Similarly, you should know how to buy the right tire inflator and the points to consider. Unfortunately, few people are familiar with the features and technical terms of these inflators.
No wonder many people make returns because the device didn’t work on their cars. That is why we researched and tested a few of them. Luckily, we got three of them. Have a look at our recommendation as well as our reviews.

Before reviewing thoroughly the 3 inflators. We’ll do the comparison based on PSI, CFM, voltage, and display type for each.

Comparison Chart:

Tire inflatorDC Portable DigitalDigital Tire Inflator with Pressure GaugePremium DC
Brand EPAuto AstroAl P.I. AUTO STORE
PSI 100 250 150
CFM 1.06
Voltage 12V 2 AAA battery operated 12V
Display Type Digital Digital Digital

Review the Products:
1. EPAuto 12V DC Portable Digital Tire Inflator

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This EPAuto 12V DC is a portable compressor with a digital tire inflator. 
It has a maximum pressure of 100PSI with multiple functions. You can use it to inflate bike tires, midsize SUV, sedan and car tires. 
More so, you can use it to inflate balls as well as any other inflatable sports device.

This one is highly convenient too. Just plug it directly into a socket in your car such as a cigarette lighter socket.

With 4 display units, this inflator is easy to read. Plus its LED flashlight is bright enough to work as a torch. Hence you can use this compressor even in the dark.
Lastly, the compressor has a shut-off feature that works automatically. This will control the tire pressure to avoid overinflating.

  • User-friendly
  • Versatile
  • Quick to inflate tires with speed of 1.06CFM
  • This inflator comes with an overheat protector that switches off when the unit exceeds 167°F
  • The power outlet is 9-feet long, hence convenient to access a power source
  • Nice quality tire inflator
  • Doesn’t come with a wall outlet plug
  • The threads made of metal erodes quickly
  • These threads inside the attached hose are really soft, looks like they can wear down after a few uses

Who is it built for?
This EPAuto 12V inflator for a tire is ideal for a midsize or compact Sedan SUV.

2. AstroAl Digital 250 PSI Tire Inflator

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If you have been searching for a tire inflator with a pressure gauge, then this one from AstroAl is what you need.
For one, its accuracy is advanced. This means it will give readings within one percent of the actual tire pressure.

Better though, its display resolution is 0.1. Hence, you’ll say goodbye to guesswork.
This inflator measures a range from 0-250 psi (0-17.2 Bar; 0-1724 Kpa; 0-17.5 kg/cm squared).
Another feature we like about this unit is its superior construction. It’s made of brass components, heavy duty, and high-quality steel.

Therefore, you’ll be assured that it will provide services for a long time.
This inflator gauge is all-inclusive. The LED screen backlights in measurements of Kg/cm², Bar, PSI, and KPA.

Additionally, the unit comes with an air chuck, inflation gun, bleed valve, hose, and gauge. All these components are compatible with a quarter inch NPT compressor’s output.

  • With a compressor, AstroAl digital inflator gauge makes filling a tire really easy
  • This gauge also has few instruments, hence saves time when filling a tire 
  • Safe to use
  • Shuts on and off every 20 seconds of inactivity, hence the battery life is preserved
  • Comes with a 3-years warranty from AstroAl
  • The air bleeder valve allows you to decrease pressure in case you over-inflate a tire
  • Has a Teflon sealing tape to prevent leaks

  • Sometimes, the unit works slowly
  • The air release button might pop off; so just re-set the O-ring to fix that issue
  • The Teflon tape looks thin and cheap

Who is it built for?
This tool is built for anyone who wants to inflate any car such as a truck and SUV. You can also use it on bicycle and motorcycle tires. 

3. P.I. AUTO STORE Premium 12V DC Tire Inflator

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Simplicity is one of the features that made us select P.I.AUTO STORE premium 12V DC tire inflator.
As long as you have a 12V outlet, you can plug in this inflator. On the same note, you can set desired pressure easily as this compressor has a backlit LCD gauge.

Don’t worry about checking the pressure because the microprocessor will do that for you.
Further, this pump is not only new but superior as well. Its power rates at 35 l/min air-flow. This means it will take you not more than three minutes to inflate a mid-sized vehicle tire. 
Besides, the pump operates quietly with enhanced readability. As for storage, this inflator has a compact design.

Similarly, it comes with a storage case. Therefore, you can store in your trunk – who knows when you’ll need it. 
Better still, the hose is long enough (13ft.) with integrated cables. This allows you to access tires on the back of a long vehicle. You can use the 12V ext. cable if your vehicle is longer. 

  • Easy to connect and use
  • Really versatile and perfect for numerous uses
  • A heavy-duty inflator for tires
  • Made of durable materials
  • The LED spotlight lets you view tire valve even in the dark or during an emergency
  • The carry case prevents the inflator from dirt ingress
  • Not ideal for heavy tires
  • Quite pricey though durable
  • The inflator was a little bit noisy – as expected

Who is it built for?
This tire inflator is highly versatile. You can use it to inflate motorbike tires, bicycle tires, and car tires. Interestingly, you can use on sports devices and any other inflatable – inclusive of adaptors.


After spending over 40 hours researching different tire inflators and around 20 hours testing them, we certainly recommend EPAuto 12V DC

It is the quickest and quietest among the three models we tested. Better still, its pressure gauge is legible and accurate.

We also noted how easy it is to use. Lastly, but not least, its metal body is sturdy at an affordable price tag. 


Hopefully, these three reviews alongside a comparison chart will help you to select the right tire inflator.

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Top 3 Best Tire Inflators For Car 2019- [ Portable and Powerful ]
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Top 3 Best Tire Inflators For Car 2019- [ Portable and Powerful ]
Best Tire Inflators For Car are- 1. EPAuto 12V DC Portable Digital Tire Inflator 2. AstroAl Digital 250 PSI Tire Inflator 3. P.I. AUTO STORE Premium 12V DC Tire Inflator After spending over 40 hours researching different tire inflators and around 20 hours testing them, we certainly recommend EPAuto 12V DC.
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