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Top 10 Best Rated Car Covers 2018- Buyers Guide and Review

best rated car covers

Regardless of the type of car that you have, investing in a car cover can be a great way to protect your investment. There are so many natural and man-made elements that can damage your car when it is not in use.


If you have the right outdoor car cover, you can protect your car from conditions like rain, snow, wind, UV rays and much more. Looking for the best car cover can be hard because there are so many models designed for different types of vehicles.


Leather Accessories Extreme Soft Guard



No-1 (Budge Lite Car Cover)

Looking for a durable single layer car cover? Then you can try this one which is UV stabilized. Having this car cover will protect your vehicle from dirt, dust, bird waster and moisture. The car cover is designed with a quality material that is thin and lightweight. Additionally, it has an elastic hem that helps you to fit snugly on your car. You don’t expect mold or mildew when you have this car cover because it is highly breathable and dries fast.

No-2 (Class Accessories OverDrive PolyPro)

Car covers are important for any type of vehicle. This is a great car cover if you need something that is breathable and prevents the development of mold and mildew. The car cover protects your car from UV light, scratches and dirt that can all end up damaging your car. To help you achieve a custom it, this car cover features a rope and a hem. When you need to carry the car cover, it has a convenient carry bag for easy transportation and storage when it is not in use. 

Leader Accessories Xtreme Guard

This is a convenient car cover for vehicles measuring about 157 inches long. The brand provides different sized car covers to suit all types of vehicles. With regards to the type of car you have, you can pick the right size that fits well. You can get a convenient car cover for your van, truck, SUV, and sedans. The good thing about this model is that it features a UV ray coating and a waterproof film that protect your car. The cover also comes with a storage bag for simple transportation and storage. 

OxGord Executive StormProof Car Cover

 If you have a car measuring up to 204 inches in length, this car cover can be perfect. The car cover provides the best protection and it is stormproof. It features 7 layers and five of the layers are made of spun bond polypropylene while the remaining two are made of cotton and film. All these layers protect your vehicle from scratches, dust, rain, and UV. They are also perfectly woven to fit in your car tightly. This car cover is breathable and waterproof so it doesn’t retain moisture under the vehicle.

Leather Accessories Extreme Soft Guard


The car cover is designed for vehicles measuring 16 feet 18 inches. It is breathable and waterproof to protect your car from the natural conditions that can damage your car without allowing molds to develop. With this car cover, you can be sure that your vehicle stays dry even when there is a heavy downpour. The car cover also comes with a storage bag.

Classic Accessories 10-014-261001-00 OverDrive

This is a good car cover that can fit different types of cars. It is designed with a zipper door which makes it easy for the driver to access the car when you need to. To ensure that your car doesn’t experience any scratches, this car cover comes with tie-down grommets. The car cover also features elastic corners that help you fit it in the right position. The car cover is designed with a quality triple-ply fabric that provides the best protection from snow and rain. 

Leader Accessories 5 Layer Car Cover Xtreme Guard

This is another great car cover that features five layers. Three of the layers are made of spun bond fabric, one layer is made of waterproof film and the other one has UV coating. The cover is waterproof and protects your car from bird’s droppings, dirt, industrial pollutants, snow, rain, ice, dust just to mention a few. With this car cover, your car’s pain will remain intact and this keeps your car in the best condition when it is not in use. 

OverDrive PolyPro Classic

This car cover is designed with a quality fabric that is water resistant. It helps in protecting your car from dust, dirt, and damages caused by the rain. The car cover also protects your vehicle from UV ray and scratches. To prevent the car from being blown away, it includes grommets for tying. The grommets are scratch proof so you do not expect them to cause more damages on your car. The corners of the car cover are designed with elastic to help you get a tight fit on your car. 

Motor Trend All Season Car Cover


This is an all-time car cover that fits different types of vehicles. It protects your car from rain, UV, dust, snow and bird’s droppings. T help you achieve a snug fit, this car cover is designed with an elastic hem. It is designed with a non-absorbing and solar reflective layer that ensures the interior of your car is cool during hot days.

Duck Covers A3C200 Weather Defender

This is a heavy duty car cover that protects your vehicle from the summer heat, spring pollen, winter frost, and rain. Unlike other models, this one has a navy blue accent stripes that give it a cooler look. The cover is 100 percent waterproof and comes with strong elastic on the corners for tight fitting. 

Final Words

Leaving your vehicle uncovered for an extended period of time can be a bad idea if you intend to use the car again. There are high chances of rust accumulating, paint damage and much more that can damage the interior and exterior of your car, you can use the Car Cleaner.

If you have a quality car cover, you can keep your car looking good when it is not in use.  It doesn’t matter if you want a Toyota Corolla car cover, Mercedes Benz car cover or Chevrolet car cover, you can be sure to pick the right from the top 10 list covered above.

Top 10 best rated car covers 2018- Buyers Guide and Review
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Top 10 best rated car covers 2018- Buyers Guide and Review
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