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Top 3 Best electric impact wrench for Car and Home Care- Review 2018

Best electric impact wrench

Attempting to loosen a rusty nut or bolt is really frustrating. This is an issue that wastes time and wears down hands, as well as your tools.

Luckily, you can avoid all these hassles by using an air impact wrench for your cars. 
This is a high-torque tool that makes it easy and quick to loosen difficult bolts and nuts. However, you should own the best impact wrench to get the most of it.
For that, we’ve spent hours testing and researching different impact wrenches. In the end, we managed to get three that can give the most value.

On the same note, we’ve highlighted their benefits, drawbacks and how you can use each that you might consider when buying the best impact wrench.

Ingersoll Rand 231C air impact wrench came as our number one because of its proven reliability and performance.
Apart from its stylish design, it’s a pneumatic tool ideal for difficult applications. More so, it’s lightweight with around 5.8 pounds and 7.3 inches long. 
Using it, you’ll not get tired easily and your maneuvering will be hassle-free. Similarly, this tool offers an ergonomic grip that is well-balanced and comfortable.
Ingersoll Rand 213C air impact wrench runs on 4.2 CFM of average airflow. At this range of pressure, the tool offers a no-load speed of 8,000 RPM. This translates to around 1,200 beats for every minute. 

Apart from the airflow, this toll delivers a quite impressive torque of 425 foot-pounds, maximum. In reverse setting, it delivers a maximum torque of around 600 foot-pounds.
So, using this air impact wrench, you’ll receive a running torque of between 25 and 350 foot-pounds. In addition, the air inlet for this tool measures ¼-inches. This means you can feed it using a hose measuring around 3/8-inches.
Another feature that you’ll love about this tool is its adjustable power regulator. Thus, you’ll be in full control. Lastly, you’ll enjoy it 12-months limited warranty on the tool.

  • The torque is really great
  • Adjustable power through a regulator
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Fully lubricated to reduce wear and tear
  • Its unique 2-hammer makes it highly efficient
  • The ergonomic two-piece design simplifies the tool’s maintenance and operation
  • Tends to be noisy
  • Might not be the lightest, but it’s solidly made
  • The trigger works great though the plastic feels cheap

Since this tool is versatile, it can tackle just any task. Having said so, the impact wrench is a great option for both outdoor work especially for off-roaders and home use 

Who is it for?
This air impact wrench is a reliable option for professional mechanics and vehicle hobbyists equally.

Are you in need of a top performance and quiet air ratchet? If so, then consider AIRCAT 800. This unit has a decibel rate of 82 dB, others have more than 90 dB. 
That’s contributed by the fact that the exhaust system is patented. Well, the quiet feature isn’t the only one that this engine offers. We call it a “small beast.” With a free speed of 300 RPM, AIRCT 800 generates 35 foot-pounds of torque.
This is enough to handle any tiny bolt or nut. Though some people might think they would handle some of the tasks that this ratchet does, they wouldn’t do them at such a high speed.
Plus, this ratchet falls under the ¼-inch group. And it’s the most robust among them all. With such a ratchet, it limits you on the type of sockets to use with it. 
So, if you desire to operate on a wide variety of bolts, perhaps this option isn’t the best. Nevertheless, this ratchet features superior mechanics and an ergonomic design handle. So, you’ll work on your nuts or bolts with minimum fatigue.
Made of high-quality air chambers, turbines and bearing surfaces, this tool is highly durable. On top of it, you’ll enjoy a 12-months warranty – just as peace of mind when working.

  • Compared to other tools, this one is less noisy
  • Ergonomic design
  • The exhaust system is patented
  • Made of durable materials
  • The tool isn’t too fast, so it’s easy to control
  • Perfectly fits in tight and hard to reach areas
  • Compared to other designs, AIRCAT 800 has low power
  • Limited socket options
  • The trigger could be a little tough to push

Though small, this air ratchet is ideal for body work, interior work, and small engine tasks.

Who is it for?
Since its super quiet, this feature is ideal for mechanics and overall business.


The first thing to note with PowRyte twin-hammer air impact wrench is its die-cast aluminum housing. Such a rugged construction will make this tool endure lots of punishment.
Also, this heavy-duty make adds some weight, thus weighing around 6 pounds. However, don’t let this weight fool you. The well-thought and balanced design will compensate for that.
Better still, this air impact wrench can work at a pressure of 90 psi. Such operating pressure generates a no-load speed of 7,000 RPM.

For enhanced reliability, this tool uses a 2-hammer clutch system.

With such a system you’ll get a maximum torque of 600 foot-pounds. This torque is ample to handle heavy-duty projects.

If you desire to switch to reverse mode, you can freely do so. The two forward and one reverse setting grant full control in the two directions. It lets you adjust power in 2 different stages – just for added convenience.

The switch is located in a convenient place for ease of access. Therefore, switching is easy and quick. Underneath this switch, you’ll find an ergonomic handle for a comfortable pistol grip.

  • Comes with a silencer for reducing noise
  • The adjustable power provides high convenience
  • The die-cast aluminum housing is durable
  • Performs better than other brands
  • Great impact wrench as long as it has enough air supply
  • Compared to the other two, this one is quite heavy
  • Balance could improve though it isn’t that terrible
  • Requires oil before use
  • Quite pricey than the rest

With its durable housing and adjustable power, this impact wrench can be used by both amateur and professional users who are looking for an excellent tool for automotive maintenance and repairs

Who is it for?
This tool is built for professional and DIY warriors. Also, as mentioned above, mechanics widely use this tool.

IV) Recommendation

After testing the three air impact wrenches, we recommend Ingersoll Rand 231C -inch as our best. Reason being, it’s been built to withstand almost any task. Better still, it’s lightweight, easy to service and ideal for commercial uses.

V) The bottom line
Hopeful these reviews have provided every detail you require to choose the right air impact wrench for car care. Decide whether you want electric or air powered impact wrenches. The two kinds offer the right combination of the functionality and price.
Though electrical ones are extremely powerful, they might be restricted in terms of usage. Air powered ones are powerful too, and you can use them for a much, much longer time than electric ones.

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