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Top 10 best ceramic coating for cars [Long Lasting] 2019- Buying Guide

best ceramic coating for cars

When it comes to protecting their cars, or just making sure that the car looks its best with minimal effort on their parts, people often turn to ceramic coatings for their cars. A ceramic clear coating is also known as a glass coating, or ceramic nano coating. Before these ceramic coatings came on the market, the only products available to protect the shininess of the car and to protect the paint of the car were various waxes and sealants. Below are a few things to consider before purchasing a ceramic coating for your car, as well as a few ceramic coating options based on these best ceramic coating for cars in 2018. Most of them have protection from UV rays, some are hydrophobic, meaning water will roll off of the vehicle, and some have protection against acid rain.

How Long Does It Last?

The ceramic coating lasts about three or four months, but one should keep in mind that while a person does not need to wash a ceramically coated car that often, they still need to wash the car. The reason for this is that layers of contaminants build up and cause a loss of the hydrophobic trait of the ceramic coating. They hydrophobic trait of the ceramic coating means that it repels water and keeps the water from clinging to the car.

Since it keeps water from clinging to the car, the ceramic coating for cars will also prevent any contaminants within the water or air, such as the saltiness in the rain or air near the ocean, from affecting the paint underneath the ceramic coating on the car. There are products where an individual only needs apply it to their vehicle once or twice a year, instead of about every two or three months. In this instance, those individuals who had to wax regularly in the past will have to adapt to only doing it once or twice a year.

Compensation Table Of Best ceramic coating for cars

ImageProduct NameGlitterProtection
Color N Drive Ceramic Coating 3D Deep Anti UV/Anti-Acid Rain Check Price
CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant Shiny Anti UV/Anti-Acid Rain Check Price
CarGuys Liquid Wax 8oz kit Deep Anti UV Check Price
Custom Coat BLACK 4 Liter Deep Anti UV Anti-Acid Rain rust & corrosion Check Price
U-Pol Raptor 0820V Much Better UV resistant Check Price
Aero Cosmetics Wet 3D Deep Anti UV Check Price
Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Advanced Shine  Scratches, Stains, Chipping & UV rays Check Price
U-Pol Raptor Black Shiny UV Resistant Check Price
Diamond Blue Repellent Shiny hydrophobic Check Price
Dupli-Color Ceramic Universal High Protect heat & Resistant to Fluids Check Price

Here are top 10 Best ceramic coating for cars based on Reviews, Product Quality and Buying Guide >>>

Best ceramic coating for cars

This ceramic coating is said to be easy to apply and get it on the car correctly as it has been formulated for easy use. Mistakes with this coating are supposed to be easy to correct and the car will not need multiple coatings. This ceramic paint sealant protects the car from stone chips, iron powder, fading from UV light, as well as bird droppings and other possible things that could happen, possibly even a cat getting sick on the car.

The Color N Drive Car Ceramic Coating Kit is listed as a nine on the hardness scale, which is the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. There is also the Vickers scale, but the Mohs scale of hardness is the one that is more commonly used. Other compounds that are a nine on the hardness scale are corundum, tungsten carbide, titanium nitride, silicon carbide, and titanium carbide. It also claims to have a 3D gloss, anti-UV, anti-frost, anti-acid rain, hydrophobic and anti-fouling.

  • Anti-frost. Good choice for those who live in colder areas.
  • Anti-fouling. Protects against bird droppings
  • Anti-acid rain.
  • Stays intact for about 100 washes.
  • Need gloves otherwise the coating could get on the skin.
  • Curing time is 48 hours.
ceramic coating reviews

This particular car coating comes in a one-gallon container and is infused with liquid carnauba. Carnauba is a natural wax from a palm grown only in Brazil. The wax itself is gathered by beating the wax off the fronds of the palm plant. Carnauba wax is harder than concrete and does not dissolve easily in either ethanol or water. It also has a very high melting point and is surprisingly hypoallergenic.

This product is listed as being safe for every surface, even rubber and plastic and is not supposed to leave any streaks or residue behind. This is very quick to use and only takes fifteen minutes. All it says a person has to do is spray on and then wipe off. It can also be used on interior paint, glass, chrome, and fiberglass. Since it lasts anywhere from three to six months, vehicle owners can go for longer periods of time without having to reapply.

  • Works great on any colored vehicle.
  • The CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant lasts anywhere from three to six months, but it does depend on how often the car is washed, what the climate is like where the car is driven, as well as what type of soaps are used by the owners, or in car washes.
  • This hydrophobic wax is great at repelling water and gives excellent protection against UV rays that lasts a long time.
  • A lot of products from CarGuys are bio-degradable and don’t contain a lot of harmful chemicals.
  • The wax doesn’t work the greatest with minor scratches. They would have to be buffed out first.
  • Minor streaks are even more noticeable on darker surfaces.
car ceramic coating review

With this CarGuys product, you only need to apply it to your vehicle once or twice a year, which is fantastic for those who don’t want to repeat the process three to four times per year and have to spend even more in order to do so. As with the gallon container of liquid carnauba, people do not need professional help in order to apply this to their vehicles as it is incredibly simple to apply and then wipe off when it is the time to do so!

After using this liquid wax, the surface of the vehicle is supposed to be so shiny that has almost a mirror-like reflection, even more so than the vehicles of a dealership showroom. It might be a small bottle, but that is mainly because people won’t need much as they will only need to do apply the ceramic coating once or twice a year.

  • Made by CarGuys, so it is biodegradable and doesn’t contain a lot of toxic chemicals.
  • This CarGuys Liquid Wax only needs to be applied once or twice a year!
  • This is a far cheaper option than having it done professionally.
  • Comes with a microfiber towel and applicator pad so you don’t have to search your house for something to use!
  • People will have to get used to applying it once or twice a year instead of every two to three months.
  • If the paint on a vehicle has been neglected and is in bad shape, the look and durability of the wax will not perform as it is supposed to.
ceramic coating price

This product by Custom Shop is a urethane spray-on truck bed liner kit that comes with a spray gun that has a regulator for ease of adjustment. This truck bed liner kit protects against rust corrosion, extreme temperatures, and salt dampness. It is waterproof and helps to muffle sounds as well as vibrations. Since truck beds can be used for hauling around anything from work tools, to lumber, to household items, this product is resistant to abrasions and stains.

This product comes in 10 different colors as not all truck beds are the same color. It comes in black, white, black metallic, lime green, bright purple, bright silver, dove gray, hot rod red, safety blue, and tintable, which is not really a color on its own. The process to use this is to add the tint, then the hardener, shake the mixture and then spray the truck bed thoroughly.

  • Easy to use as there are only four steps needed.
  • It protects the truck bed from extreme temperatures, which is great for those living in the desert and for those who experience incredibly low temperatures in the winter months.
  • Also protects against salt damp.
  • Those who decide to use this should remember to wear gloves and a respirator.
  • The truck bed must be cleaned thoroughly before application. That is every square inch down to the square millimeter must be cleaned before this is sprayed on. If not, then if there is a chip of wood that has been sprayed, then the truck bed underneath that wood chip will not have been sprayed. 
best ceramic coat car paint protection

This ceramic coating product is another one that is meant for the bed liners of trucks, but they have been placed on the side of RVs as well. Like the previous one, it helps to muffle sounds and vibrations when the truck is on the go, a spray gun is included in the kit, it is waterproof, as well as scratch and stain resistant. There is a warning for California residents with this product regarding Proposition 65, which tells consumers that they might be exposed to chemicals that could cause cancer or reproductive toxicity. The product is quick to set up, easy to use and fast to dry. As with the previous one, it is best to wear gloves and a respirator to avoid getting it on your skin and breathing in whatever fumes there may be.

  • The instructions are easy to follow. You just put the mixture in, shake, attach the gun, and start spraying the truck bed.
  • The amount of coverage is great even though there is only one liter of product.
  • The spray gun is easy to handle, but be sure to have a firm grip on the spray gun so as not to drop it, or have it turn in your hands and get the product on your clothing, your face or anywhere else on your body, or onto other people, pets, or any other unintended locations and items.
  • Muffles sounds and vibrations.
  • Takes about an hour to fully cover the bed of the truck, which is a little long for most people’s liking as they have other things they have to do in their busy days.
  • The gun part doesn’t always go all the way to the bottom of the bottle, which means there is anywhere from an eighth to a quarter left in the bottle. Since there are four bottles in the kit, that means there is anywhere from half a bottle to a full bottle worth of product that you can’t get onto the bed liner with the spray gun.
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The product description for this one says this is aircraft quality wash wax that can go on cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and motorcycles. The Aero Cosmetics wax kit can also be used in the home, at schools, at the office, and in parking lots. This wash wax cleans gently and leaves a UV protective coating on all vehicular surfaces. All people have to do with this one is spray on and wipe the surface dry.

For those worried about chemicals, this is a water based product that is alcohol and ammonia free. It is an eco-friendly plant-based formula that is biodegradable and can be used on all surfaces. There is no issue with skin or eye irritation either with this product. While this product is designed to enhance the shine that the vehicle currently has, it is better to have a polish to address any other issues, such as a scratched, or oxidized finish.

  • Biodegradable, eco-friendly, plant-based.
  • Free of alcohol and ammonia.
  • The kit includes four microfiber Aero towels.
  • Has an anti-static UV protective coating
  • Doesn’t have any water repellent properties like the other ones do.
  • It is not capable of bringing out the shine and gloss from paint that has already been dull and/or oxidized. Nor will it be able to remove any scratches or swirl marks that have already been on the vehicle.

Meguiar’s has been around since 1901 and had started in the garage of Frank Meguiar Jr, who died in 1950. This product is hydrophobic, which means water will just roll right off of whatever surface has this put on. It leaves a highly reflective finish, as evidenced by the phrase ‘mirror glaze’ just below the name of the product on the container. Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze is a professional grade sealant that is supposed to visually eliminate any small scratches and swirls and provide an amazing gloss that repels water. Swirls are commonly caused by using a dry towel, possibly a dusty one, and wiping the car with it and creating super fine scratches. It is easy to use and easy to wipe off. It is safe to use on all paint which has a glossy finish and is formulated to use by hand, or with a polisher or a buffer.

  • Maguiar’s Mirror Glaze has been formulated to be used by hand, but that might just mean you can use a towel, sponge, or other objects generally used to wax a car that is held in the hand. Gloves should probably be worn anyway just in case it doesn’t mean that it is safe to expose to the skin.
  • Visually eliminates fine scratches and swirls from the surface of the vehicle and gives the vehicle a flawless appearance.
  • Uses hydrophobic polymer technology to create a finish that repels water from the surface of the vehicle.
  • The finish that the Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze give is a deep, dark highly reflective finish on the surface of the vehicle. There are cars so reflective that you would think they were an actual mirror.
  • Have to wait up to an hour and a half for the sealant to dry before the vehicle can be buffed off and dried.

The U-Pol Raptor in Black comes with four bottles, a technical sheet and guide, a spray gun, and a hardener. The interesting thing about the product is that there are three slash marks in both the name on the product and on the can itself. Then, behind the slash marks on the cans, is a yellow eye with a reptilian looking pupil. The slash marks and the eye are, of course, a reference to the Raptor name, but it was interesting enough to point out. Certainly make it a recognizable product. The U-Pol Raptor Black truck bed liner, like the previous truck bed liners, helps to muffle sounds and vibrations, is resistant to UV rays, which would cause the paint to fade and is resistant to scratches and stains as well.

  • Can be used inside cars, trunks, jeep tubs, engine compartments, and toolboxes.
  • Protects surfaces from rust, corrosion, and damage from UV rays. To prepare the surface, it must be lightly sanded and free of dirt for proper adhesion.
  • If sounds and vibrations are slightly irritating, then this product will help reduce both sounds and vibrations in a number of places in the vehicle, or wherever it is used.
  • Easy to put on the vehicular surface, all you have to do is fill the container, add the hardener, shake them together to mix and then shoot and spray the truck bed with the spray gun.

• Cure time to touch is less than an hour at 68F.

  • Light duty use for vehicles, or whatever the kit has been used on is two to three days. Which means if you use it on a truck bed, you can’t use the truck bed for light duty for that length of time.
  • Regular duty use for truck beds is five to seven days, which means you can’t haul stuff around in the bed of the truck for at least a week, and hopefully a dog or two doesn’t jump in for a ride, or someone can’t go grocery shopping and use the bed of the truck to hold the groceries while they drive around town.
best ceramic coating

Diamond Blue Repellent Wash comes in a spray bottle and can be used on glass, granite, as well as metal surfaces and keeps surfaces it has been sprayed onto cleaner for a longer period of time. Since it is made to be hydrophobic, water rolls off the surface and if the surface needs to be cleaned, this makes it much easier to clean.

Diamond Blue Repellent Wash is anti-static, which means you are less likely to get zapped from an object you touch when entering or exiting the vehicle, or when you come into contact with any other metal surfaces after you have built up static electricity. A good feature about this formula is that it does not leave any soap residue behind so you don’t have to worry about streaks or spots.

  • Anti-static feature. While it is good to have year round, it is especially important to have during those cold winter months where the air is dry and people get static buildup and shocks from the simplest of movements. Or in the desert where the air is dry all the time.
  • Can be used on wood cabinets, furniture, stone, countertops, stainless steel, metal fixtures, fiberglass, as well as painted surfaces and chrome.
  • Besides road traveling vehicles, it can also be used on boats and RVs as well
  • Is an environmentally friendly water-based product, which is great for those who are interested in using products that are environmentally friendly and will not use harsh or harmful chemicals.

• Cannot be used on floors. While it is obvious this should not be used on carpeting, it should also not be used on hardwood floors, linoleum, tile, or any other flooring material.

best ceramic coating for cars

 While it is not for sale on Catalina Island, also known as Santa Catalina Island, which is off the coast of California and is 22 miles from Los Angeles, it is widely sold elsewhere in the rest of the United States. This product offers the engine protection from automotive fluids, as well as excessive heat. It can resist temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit on an intermittent basis and give the engine a shiny finish that will not blister, crack, flake or peel. Engine enamel is mainly used to customize an engine and to give it a certain look while helping the engine to resist oil, salt, humidity, grease, and other factors that would eventually corrode the engine to the point of it no longer functioning.

  • Gives the automotive engine a unique look which separates it from all of the other engines that have the same outward look.
  • Heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The touch nozzle on the can is easy to use.
  • While it is resistant to heat, it is not resistant to water.

Things To Consider :

As with any product, there are things to consider before you make a purchase. If it were a sofa, you would have to take into consideration the width of the doorways the sofa will have to pass through, if there are any nearby stairs which will impede the rotation of the sofa in order to get it where it needs to be, and so on. While a ceramic coating chemically bonds with the factory paint of the vehicle and creates a layer of protection, it is not a substitute for paint protection film. Instead, it is a wax alternative of premium grade.

It creates a bond with the paint of the vehicle, which is either permanent or semi-permanent, which means that it does not wash away and does not require a person to apply it on the car every few months. This is best for people who live in sunny areas as it will protect the car from UV damage and it also protects from oxidization, which tends to fade the paint. It is also perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time washing their car, as it keeps it cleaner and makes it easier to clean if the car does need to be washed.

One of the products mentions that it protects against salt damp. Salt damp is the damage in buildings caused by the action of moisture and salts. This can be spotted with bubbling paint and plaster, or mortar that becomes fretted and starts to decompose. While salt damp can be found worldwide, it is considered a major issue for homes in South Australia and Australia. This happens with masonry or soft mortar draws moisture from the soil and rocks below. This moisture contains salt and moves upward through the masonry wall. Once the water and moisture evaporate due to heat, the salt will remain on the wall and will accumulate over time and break down the masonry and mortar. This takes place in areas where the soil and water have a higher salinity level.

There are some truck bed liners out there that take up to a week for the solution to cure to the point where the vehicle can be used for regular use, such as hauling work tools, carrying groceries, or moving household furniture and appliances. They can use the truck for light duty on day three, but if truck owners need to use the truck bed for anything, then they would have to seek alternate means of transport, such as renting a truck, renting a small moving truck, or borrowing a truck from a friend. Or, they could wait until the truck bed has completely cured after the week is over if the need for the truck bed isn’t that pressing.

For those living in areas containing bears, moose, and alligators, it could be somewhat likely that they would find one of those three animals, or other animals entirely, in the bed of the truck. While it is not a guarantee, it does happen on occasion. Once the animal is removed, and it has not been seven days for the regular use curing time, then the owner of the truck may want to inspect the truck bed to determine whether or not they need to redo the lining process from the beginning, just do a spot recovering, or leave it Alon.

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How Choices Were Selected :

There are a number of sites for ceramic coating reviews, ceramic coating price, as well as how to apply ceramic coating and which one gives the best ceramic coat car protection. The products selected below are believed to have the features that, despite whatever cons they may have, have the best to offer in terms of what people look for in Best ceramic coating for cars.

Biodegradable and natural products have been added to the list as awareness of environmental issues associated with chemicals in a variety of products has been greatly increased and more and more people are becoming interested and committed to helping their personal environment, and the environment as a whole, to becoming less surrounded by toxic substances. There are also those whose bodies are more sensitive to harsher products would wish to use products that contain fewer chemicals and are more natural.

Awareness of how the UV rays from the sun, frost, and water can affect the quality of paint on a vehicle, as well as change how the vehicle looks. It has been learned that UV rays can fade the color of the paint and make it less vibrant. Since cold contracts and heat expands, frost can contract the paint molecules on a car, which would then heat up from the engine after use.

Also, using an ice scraper somewhat vigorously on a car could scratch the paint. While ice scrapers are normally used for windows, there are some people who wish to remove frost and snow off their cars. Frost, as well as snow, can entrap road salt, which would affect the quality of the paint as well. Water can be in the form of acid rain. It has been discovered in the past New Paint, New Cars, Acid Rain: Often, They Don’t Mix that when acid rain comes into contact with a vehicle, the acid remains when the moisture evaporates. Once the sun comes back out, the sulfuric acid left behind can become concentrated to the point that it will eat through the finish of the car, but the blemish will just look like an imprint of a drop of rain that can’t be removed.

Final verdict

In this day and age, with the greater awareness of the potential hazards, and actual hazards, that products with harsh chemicals, as well as toxic chemicals can do to the environment and the people, it would be a safer option to go with the products on this list that have been listed as eco friendly. If there is no eco-friendly version of the product that is needed, then a product which uses chemicals, but not toxic chemicals, would do fine. Just make sure to keep out of the eyes, nose, mouth and off the skin. Before purchasing any product, make a column list of features you need, then a column of features you want, and a column of features it would be nice to have. That way if you find a product that fits all of your needs for the best ceramic coating car paint protection, you can see if it fills any of the items in your ‘want’ or ‘would be nice to have’ column.

Top 10 best ceramic coating for cars [Long Lasting] 2019- Buying Guide
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Top 10 best ceramic coating for cars [Long Lasting] 2019- Buying Guide
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