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15 Things You Should Always Keep in Your Car

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What are some of the things you carry in your car? For most people, they keep absolutely nothing in their cars. For others, they pack quite a number of things that can take them for a few days. When you are out on the road, you should have some essential safety items and other things […]

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Review: Midland 75-822 HandHeld CB Radio

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INTRODUCTION The craving for radio communication may literally strike anywhere. In order to respond to this particular need effectively, a mobile citizen band radio is by all means necessary. This mobility can only be granted or exuded by a battery-powered radio that is as light a can be. No other citizen band radio performs this […]

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How to Use a CB Radio on the Road

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Citizen band radio is still an ingenious form of short distance communication, notwithstanding the entry of cellular technology. This is because it is very cheap, quite reliable, and less prone to interference as is the case with cellular technology.     The object and the intent of the discussions that follow are to enlighten you […]