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15 Things You Should Always Keep in Your Car


What are some of the things you carry in your car? For most people, they keep absolutely nothing in their cars. For others, they pack quite a number of things that can take them for a few days. When you are out on the road, you should have some essential safety items and other things you might require if you will be away from home for some days. Check out a list of 15 things you should always keep in your car.


  1. Your driving license, registration and important documents

Getting seized when you don’t have your license could land you in trouble. Other important documents are your car’s instructions manual which should always be in your glove compartment. We know that each car comes with a user guide. It is meant to guide you on any uncertainties about how to handle any problem that your car encounters.

  1. First aid kit

As much as you try as you can to observe safety precautions on the road, it is vital to protect yourself just in case of a mischance. You can also save someone else’s life. Always have a first aid kit with you in the car geared with first aid equipment such as band-aids and antibacterial solution.

  1. Reflective triangles

Reflective triangles are key safety gadgets that you need to have in your car. They are essential for raising an alarm to other drivers when you are at the side of the road. This ensures you are not hit by other vehicles especially when it’s dark. A flare could be an alternative although it’s not efficient as much because it is not as bright as a reflective triangle.

  1. Spare tire and a wrench

The extra tire should, of course, be in good working condition. A wrench will help you jack the car and to remove lug nuts so that you can comfortably change a tire.

Alternatively, you’d require having a tire inflator that comes along with a sealer which can help you to manage a leak. In case you have a security key for the wheels, you should as well have it in the car at all times.

  1. Tire pressure gauge

Checking tire pressure regularly can enhance effective breaking, economic fuel usage and longer lasting of your tires.

There are dangers that come with driving a flat tire including loss of control which could lead to an accident. Having a tire pressure gauge in your trunk enables you to monitor the tires’ pressure anytime so that you can ensure it is sufficient.

  1. Non-perishable edibles and refilled water bottles

When you’re having a long drive especially, you need the energy to keep you going. You don’t need to necessary keep on stopping at fast food joints. Carry energy bars and instant foods like canned ones. Keep water too in your car.

Insulated metal bottles are always recommendable over plastic ones which often degrade with time.

  1. Car cover

Appropriate car covers will save any car all the hurdles related to bad weather and corrosive agents. Heavy rains, winter snow or the hot scorching sun can damage your car’s finish and paint job.

That aside, you need to keep the car’s interior temperatures cool when it’s parked. ┬áThis makes it comfortable when you drive. No one likes to sit in a car that is super-hot and get their makeup and body perfume cooked in there. Therefore, keep a car cover in your trunk.

  1. Flashlight

This is an important emergency device you need to have. You can flag someone down in case of an accident or any other emergency in the dark, to ask for help. You’ll also need a flashlight when changing a tire in darkness to illuminate your working space.

A flashlight saves your cell phone’s charge when you don’t have to use the phone’s LED flashlight for lighting.

  1. USB Power bank

Your phone could run out of power when you are in dire need of making an emergency call or text to get you safe. In this case, a USB mobile power bank comes in handy. It is an added advantage when the charger is non-electric, for instance when it is solar-powered. This means you can simply recharge it by exposing it to the sun for a couple of hours.

An extra phone for spare could be of help in case you get stranded. You should see to it that you are never driving without any cell phone with you.

  1. Battery starter

Your car battery could die anytime and it would not be easy to start it in the absence of a jump starter. Therefore, it is important that you are familiar with your car’s engine and carry along necessary car battery starters. You can, for instance, carry jumper cables. In this case, you won’t have to desperately wait for a Good Samaritan to come along.

  1. Pen and paper

A pen with a carbide tip would even be an added advantage to have in your car. Such tips can be able to break any glasses including window panes so quickly and at ease without causing harm. In case of an accident and you get trapped in the car, you can just break out of the window.

  1. Emergency cash

You can tuck some emergency change in an envelope and put it in the glove compartment or somewhere in the trunk.

Money rules almost everything that is around us. Therefore keeping some in your car would really save you in case of an emergency.

  1. Extra clothing

Spare clothes are really necessary when you mess or stain your clothes, or rained on. A thermal jacket in your backseat would do you no harm than aid in case you will need some warmth.

  1. Sleeping bag and blanket

Some beddings and a sleeping bag are in use, especially while driving long distance. A blanket does not only keep you warm in extremities but also comes in handy when you need to relax in a park or even a stadium.

You can also lie on a blanket and place your tools on it in order to keep clean while having a look at the under of your car or when changing a tire.

  1. Self-defense materials

You need devices such as a fire extinguisher in your car. A licensed gun or maybe spray would come in handy in case your safety is threatened. For your own safety and convenience, keeping the things listed above will save you a great deal.

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